KPIs, the first-ever internship program for Ghanaian students

The KPI initiative was developed to support students or trainees who are interested in working for or without pay with companies or organizations. The purpose of this is to gain work experience and meet qualification requirements.

We offer both international and internal internships with a wide range of companies located in Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as other African countries. Students have the opportunity to work during their vacations at a wide range of companies within Ghana. During this period, they are able to develop valuable experience in their field of study and establish a professional network that will allow them to find employment more easily after completing their studies.

By registering with us and becoming a member today, you will have the opportunity to participate in one of our numerous internship programs. We offer internships to students enrolled in teacher training colleges, technical universities, both government and private universities, private colleges, and nursing training colleges.

Why choose Koncida Perna Internship Support Program?

Koncida Perna Internship  Support Program is a leading social enterprise that takes top candidates and significantly improves their knowledge, skills, and employability with both  our international and local internship programs. The KPIs team greatly recognizes the importance of professional experience internationally, in today’s society and job market. We are the leading internship placement provider in Africa, and one of the fastest growing organizations in the international education industry.

We strive to develop today’s new and innovative generation so that they are prepared to discover and achieve original methods of conquering future global issues. We believe that the ideal route for students to develop personally and professionally is through international working experiences. By doing this, they will be challenged to apply their current skills in different situations, which will further advance them in their careers. KPIs values passionate, visionary, and ambitious individuals, of which whom have acquired high-quality academic knowledge.


KPIs are designed to assist students in gaining the necessary work experience that can improve their chances of finding a well-paying job upon graduation, as well as experiences that will enable them to be relevant, effective, and marketable upon graduation.
We have established contracts with companies and organizations in the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Poland, Cyprus, Turkey, Finland, Latvia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, France, Seychelles island, South Africa, Mauritius, Egypt, HongKong, China, Singapore, and many more. The service allows you to find over thousands of companies and institutions within and outside Ghana that are willing to work with our students during their vacation to provide them with the necessary practical experience for their careers.